Mobile Shelving

Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is ideal for maximising storage in areas where space is limited. Equipped with our medium Rapid 2 shelving, these mobile storage bays are supplied as a complete kit with the base rails and carriages.

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Custom solutions are available through our design team, please contact us on 08000 147 444 to discuss your requirements.


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£1,650.00 excl. VAT

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the set

Discover our Mobile Shelving range, the unique and versatile range of shelving engineered to meet the requirements of any dynamic workspaces. Mobile Shelving combines our bestselling products like Rapid 1 shelving and Rapid 2 shelving with casters and buffers, allowing full mobility in storage areas that require movement for heavy-duty tools and materials. Ideal for storage areas such as storerooms, workshops, and factories.

Just like our Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 range, these shelving units can be chosen in a wide range of dimensions to suit your storage space. Additionally, you can choose both shelf material and beam colour making your mobile shelving more customisable. On top of that, if you already have Rapid 1 or Rapid 2 bays in place, you can just purchase the wheels individually from us to convert your existing shelving bays into mobile bays. Our boltless design means that there is far less hassle when it comes to assembling your mobile shelving.

For larger-scale warehouses and storerooms, we offer our Rapid Racking Mobile System which is designed with a guide rail mechanism that enables multiple bays of shelving to slide forwards and backwards. The rail mechanism can be moved by hand using an operating wheel connected to the main mechanism, allowing movement to be simple and quick. This type of large mobile system provides a mass storage system with the approach to efficient storage management.

If storage layout and planning is an issue for your business, do not hesitate to contact Rapid Racking’s Design & Instillation team. Shop our Mobile Shelving range and organise your business today.