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Cost effective pallet storage for warehouses and distribution centres.

Cost effective pallet storage for warehouses and distribution centres.

Medium Duty shelving suitable for almost any environment.

Hand loaded shelving for heavy and bulky items.

Store long and heavy loads such as pipes and timber securely.

Store sheet and long length items - popular with DIY stores.

A Rapid 2 shelving adaptation perfect for displaying or storing clothing.

Bespoke Rapid 1 shelving for garages and mechanics.

When space is limited, double your storage capacity in the same area.

Rapid 2 shelving designed to store and dispense coiled products.

Avoid rack damage and comply with regulations by using post protectors.

Affordable, light duty shelving for your garage or home.

Rapid Racking offers you a fantastic array of shelving systems to meet your storage needs. Because we believe in simplicity and solving problems every day, our range of products have been designed to suit all environments and allow your business to increase efficiency when it comes to storage. Our most efficient racking solution is pallet racking which allows easy access for warehouse vehicles to move freely and is manufactured to FEM standards. For those of you in need of storing long objects such as pipes and timber, our cantilever racking allows you to store these easily with the option of adding on extension bays if you need your storage to grow.

We make sure that we provide a unique tailor made relationship and service approach for all our customers. Therefore, our design team are on hand to give their expert advice on how to increase your storage capacity and offer a solution that is safe and reliable. Whether you need a customised design or a solution to maximise workflow, book a free 24-48 hour site visit where one of our friendly and experienced designers will be on hand to offer a solution for your storage space. Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about pallet racking and what it can do for your business, read through our pallet racking guide.