Shelving Trolleys

Shelving trolleys

Shelving trolleys are ideal when you need to move storage to a particular work area for a short period. Choose from either our medium or heavy-duty range.

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Discover our Rapid range of shelving trolleys, designed to maximise your efficiency as well as sustain mobility within your storage area. With both Rapid 1 and Rapid 2 shelving configurations available, these shelving trolleys are the perfect edition for dynamic workshops and storerooms.

Designed using our most popular range of shelving, these trolleys are equipped with castors and buffers to ensure movement across factory floors and storerooms is met. Choose between a medium-duty shelving option or a heavy-duty shelving option when selecting your shelf trolley. For more options, you can select the number of shelves per bay, shelf material and shelf size, ensuring that your storage configuration is suitable for your needs.

For other requirements, such as picking bin storage for tools and small parts, our Bott Louvre Panel Trolley is perfect for versatile workshop storage. With the option of a double-sided configuration, you can maximise your picking bin storage as well as the efficiency of your workshop storage. Choose from a range of bin colours and sizes to suit your shelving and storage requirements.

Shop our shelving trolley range today. If you need some expert advice or help with designing your storage space, contact our sales team today on 08000 147 444 or E-mail at