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Fitted with worktops, shelving units and drawers, our workbenches can enhance your business capabilities by equipping you with a workstation and storage solution in one!Read more

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Workbenches are what the office desk is to a corporate environment. At Rapid, we deal with warehouses, garages, workshops and sheds which is why our workstations withstand bumps, scrapes, spills and can hold up to 720kg per shelf.

Crafty pursuits, artistic projects and of course mechanical construction. Whatever your need – Rapid has the perfect workbench for you.

All our workbenches can be paired with a number of Rapid's nifty storage containers to help organise your shelves and drawers.

If you need a flexible solution, our mobile workbenches are suited to hands-on environments that make your workbench adapt to your needs so you can take your project where it needs to be.

No matter your workspace, our workbenches come with a variety of finishing materials to accommodate any hardworking environment. Choose from galvanized steel, – resistant to oily and damp environments like workshops and factories, but also fantastic for easy cleaning, perfect for catering and medical services - chipboard – a budget-friendly alternative with durability, great for domestic garages – or melamine – the hardwearing and smart solution.