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Shelving kits

Strong and sturdy bays come with high quality archive storage boxes.

Bays come with picking bins, and provide extra space for storing bulkier items underneath.

Document storage essential in offices, archives and even educational environments.

Shelving bays with sturdy Really Useful Boxes.

Small parts cabinet with drawers as to increase picking efficiency.

Steel reinforced doors and barrel locking system, you can store over 250 picking bins.

Strong steel cupboards in a range of sizes, ideal for use in industrial or office environments.

Cost effective solutions to your file and document storage needs.

Tray storage solutions ideal for short term storage of documents.

Ideal for storing awkwardly shaped products.

High quality and very strong polypropylene containers.

Take advantage of the best Storage kit Deals.

Pre-selected storage kits can make your life a lot easier, as you no longer have to go through the hassle of finding the right shelving to fit your storage bins and containers or the other way around. With these kits, you benefit from document storage, box storage or even small part storage solutions at great prices and the buying process is quick and easy.

Here, at Rapid Racking, we stock an impressive range of boxes and containers, from document and archive boxes to really useful or plastic boxes, as well as storage pins, which can be fixed on either standard shelving or louvre panels. Tray storage kits are also available, which are idea for school storage and educational purposes.

Document storage units come in a large array of sizes, from tall bays to low storage units and from single sided shelving systems to double sided ones. Storage bins and bin kits are no less versatile, with bays ranging from 1220mm high to 2 metre tall units. In addition, it’s not just the size of the shelving that varies greatly, but also the sizes and capacities of the storage bins themselves. They range from storage containers with a volume capacity of 50 litre to small picking bins for storing components or parts. This gives you a lot of flexibility when it comes to finding the right solution for your exact storage needs.

Storage bins are perfect for small parts picking or storage and our shelving kits complete with bins can be used in a wide variety of environments and applications, from warehouses and factories to workshops and stockrooms. If you need an affordable bin storage solution, then go for our cardboard bin bays, while if you need strength for industrial picking then our Rapid 2 bays with strong polypropylene bins are the perfect answer. The great advantage of storage bins, apart from the huge array of sizes and capacities, is that they can be securely rested on a series of systems, which means you can use open shelving, mobile trolleys, cabinets and cupboards, as well as louvre panels, with your bins, depending on what suits your environment best.