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Workplace accessories

A low price solution to staff changing rooms, but also to equipment storage.

Steel storage cupboards are available in a wide range of sizes to suit your particular space.

Ideal for loading and unloading warehouse racking and assembly lines.

From folding sack trucks and telescopic load luggers to ergonomic toe trucks.

For secure storage and transport of goods and with a demountable design.

A better accuracy in picking and replenishment, both in warehouses and stockrooms.

Quiet and easy to manoeuvre, trolleys & dollies essential for warehouse operations in general.

Strong and sturdy platform trolleys with various load capacities.

Crucial in warehouse environments, where safety is of utmost important.

For increased efficiency and significantly reduced picking errors.

Mail order dispatch sacks, grip seal bags and translucent micro film.

Sturdy extra large platform trucks with a choice of handles and side panels.

Highly useful waste and recycling plastic containers together with Ekwo waste sacks.

High quality office furniture, from wooden office desks to aluminium boards and workplace chairs.

Hygiene supplies, such as wiper rolls, dispensers or hand cleaners.

Find simple, yet effective warehouse accessories that can help increase security of your stock.

Keep necessary first aid supplies at hand in all environments.

Safety clothing and work safety boots, along with high quality safety helmets.