The Rapid Shelving Range is our bestselling line in the UK. We deliver a versatile selection of sizes, colours and finishes that adapt to meet your business needs. Shop for durable and multi-functional shelving, custom-made for your storage needs.Read more

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Rapid Racking believes in offering a range of dynamic, high-quality shelving to ensure your business functions more efficiently. And this value has not changed since our inception in 1986.

It has always been our goal to offer shelving that adds value and purpose to your business, with the ability to maximise your company's capabilities. This is why easy-access storage solutions are at the forefront of our design.

We want to provide our customers with as many bespoke storage solutions as possible, which is why we have three Rapid ranges. Within each range we offer different materials to complete your shelf’s style. So, whether you require Galvanized Steel, – resistant to oily and damp environments – Chipboard, – for budget-friendly projects – or Melamine – for easy cleaning functionality – we have the perfect match for you.