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Low cost shelving that's perfect for home and garage.

Economical shelving ideal for workshops or offices.

Our most versatile shelving, suitable for almost any environment.

The strongest in the Rapid Range, for warehouses and archives.

Span ground level pallets with hand loaded shelves for picking above.

Wire shelving ideal for display, restaurants and offices.

Clean shelving for hygienic areas such kitchens and pharmacies.

Storage that's perfect for workshops and car garages.

Shelving with plastic boxes, document boxes and more…

The complete picking solution for workshops, and warehouses.

Perfect for areas with limited storage space including warehouse and office.

Shelving with ventilated shelves for spaces with sprinkler systems.

Smart and presentable shelving for office equipment.

Galvanised, corrosion resistant shelving for damp and oily spaces.

Galvanised, corrosion resistant shelving for damp and oily spaces.

Improve your filing system with our range of kits.

For categorising and organising documents or small parts.

Organise your storage better with our selection of labels.

At Rapid Racking, we believe in offering a range of dynamic, high quality products to help businesses function more efficiently. This is why we offer you the widest shelving range on the market with well thought out storage units that are available in a variety of different sizes and different materials such as Galvanized Steel, Chipboard and Melamine. Not only do we provide free standing storage units, but you can customise your solution by adding extra storage shelves, upgrading to heavy duty shelving or choosing from an impressive array of accessories.

We pride ourselves on simplicity and solving problems everyday so this is why our products are designed to be assembled in a matter of minutes with no bolts required. To fit in to your working environment, our industrial shelving units are compatible with a great range of shelf materials and come in a variation of heights, widths and colours. Whether you require economical chipboard panels or easy to clean melamine decks for oily and damp environments, you will have plenty of storage options to choose from.

Not only do we provide shelving suitable for industrial environments but our workshop and garage shelving range gives you the opportunity to find a great solution to store tools and declutter your garage. Our versatile Rapid 2 Range is able to maximise storage in smaller space with its durable slim structure is able to maximise storage in smaller spaces and is ideal for storage boxes. If you are looking for a low cost storage system, then Rapid 3 shelving is ideal for storing smaller items. For those of you who are in need of catering and hygienic shelving our versatile Cambro range is an ideal option for storage in kitchens or cold stores with its ability to withstand all kinds of temperatures.

Browse through our shelving solutions above and if you need a hand with choosing the best product for your storage space, then you can contact our sales team by telephone or by live chat. Their experience, friendly service and knowledge will be able to help you choose the best solution and utilize the space available.