Pallet Racking

Pallet Racking is a cost effective solution for storing palletised goods. Consisting of separate frames and beams that are available in a huge ranges of sizes, and secured with locking pins, Pallet Racking is easily configured to your needs whether led by pallet size or forklift type.Read more

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Pallet Racking is a safe and cost-effective solution for storing palletised goods above ground level. Loaded by Forklift Trucks, adjustable pallet racking comprises Upright Frames fitted with Horizontal Load Beams that support the pallets. Pairs of beams can be fitted into the frames at a pitch height that suits the pallet height. With good-quality pallets, shelf decking is unnecessary. Rapid Racking’s huge stock holding means that we can offer pallet racking components to suit most pallet sizes.

We offer a wide range of beam lengths to suit the most popular pallet widths. For example, 2700mm beams are popular because they will accommodate two pallets of 1200mm width, or three pallets of 800mm width, with the necessary left-to-right clearances.

To safely support a pallet on a pair of beams, there should be a 50mm pallet overhang front and back. So, you should choose 900mm deep frames for 1000mm deep pallets, or 1100mm frames for 1200mm pallets.

You can choose separate frames and beams to build your own bays, of simply opt for one of our kits. We have a range of kits comprising Starter Bays and Extension Bays to accommodate the two most popular pallet sizes: EUR1 pallets 800 x 1200, or EUR2 pallets 1200 x 1000mm.

For poor quality pallets, transit pallets, or unusual loads you may need to have decking. We can offer both Timber Decking and Wire Mesh Decking from stock. If these options are not suitable, we can also manufacture to suit your needs.

All pallet racking systems need a , and we can supply an optional steel plate onto which any notices can be fixed. You may also choose to have self-adhesive rack Identification Letters and Numbers on Steel Notice Plates.

You should also consider protecting your investment with our range of Rack Protection. Protecting every post may be desirable, but the minimum requirement to comply with the SEMA code of practice is to protect the corners of the racks where forklifts turn.

For advice or more information on these systems, contact our design experts on 08000 147 444 or email

Find out more about how to make the most of your pallet racking by reading our handy Pallet Racking Guide.

Important Note: Our pallet racking conforms with the highest structural design standard: British Standard BS EN 15512. However, there is no legal obligation to work to this standard so buyers, and Directors who have a duty of care to their staff, should challenge their suppliers to ensure that they are getting the safest systems. Pallet Racking is work equipment under PUWER regulations.