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Pallet Boxes give you the perfect solution for bulk storing goods. Our range offers you a variety of materials and designs, including recycled plastic pallet boxes, metal pallet boxes, and as standard pallets too.

Our heavy duty pallet boxes are manufactured from strong steel for a tough and durable bulk storage solution. Available wish mesh sides, solid sides and half drop fronted pallet boxes, this particular range is versatile enough to cater enough to many different needs and environments including retail and wholesale as well as transport and distribution applications, holding up to 1,500kg per pallet box.

Our range of plastic, heavy duty pallet boxes weigh much less than a traditional wire mesh or sheet steel pallet and hold up to 500kg load capacity and 1500kg stacked capacity. The smooth finish for the internal sides of the pallet boxes makes these particularly easy to clean, and they come in a range of heights and designs such as Open top, lidded, with a pick opening and with a half drop door for a pick and store combined solution.

In addition to plastic pallet boxes, we also stock plastic standard pallets that are nestable, so when they’re not in use they can be neatly stored away. In addition to this range, we also provide standard timber pallets and heavy duty recycled plastic pallets.