Cambro Shelving

Cambro Shelving

CAMBRO shelving has been designed for use in kitchens, fridges and freezers and comes with a lifetime warranty. Choose from different sizes, begin with a "starter" bay and include as many "add-on bays" as you need.

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Discover the range of Cambro Shelving today. The perfect storage units for your hygienic environments. From kitchen areas to catering workspaces, these shelves are food-grade certified with a lifetime guarantee against corrosion and rust, ensuring longevity and reliability.

The Cambro shelving range is designed for kitchens, coolers, walk-ins, or dry storage. The antimicrobial shelf plates are not only easy to clean but also machine washable. Each of our Cambro shelving kits is available in various sizes so you can choose between smaller or larger bays depending on your storage requirements. We also offer a Cambro Basics plus food grade shelving range. Choose from either a 910mm width or a 1220mm width depending on the size you want for your storage area.

Shop Cambo Shelving today. If you need some expert advice or help with designing your storage space, contact our sales team today on 08000 147 444 or E-mail at