Storage Boxes & Containers

An impressive array of sizes and colours for small parts storage.

Suitable for filing, archiving, storage and even keeping loose items together.

High quality and very strong polypropylene containers.

A great range of different sized plasticboxes perfect for business and home storage.

Improve productivity for retail, wholesale and industrial applications.

High quality, great value solid containers used in a variety of applications and environments.

Long term document storage or for heavier weights, archive boxes are the ideal solution.

Great for offices and education applications such as classrooms.

Ideal for storing awkwardly shaped products.

A great range of plastic pallet boxes, timber pallets and metal pallets.

The best choice for the transportation and storage of oils and chemical.

Cost effective solutions to your file and document storage needs.

Suitable for applications in factories, warehouses, retail outlets, schools and even hospitality.

Small parts cabinet with drawers as to increase picking efficiency.

Bays come with picking bins, and provide extra space for storing bulkier items underneath.

Document storage essential in offices, archives and even educational environments.

Tray storage solutions ideal for short term storage of documents.

Take advantage of the best box and bin deals.

We offer a wide range of boxes and containers to suit any storage requirement, business and environment. All our products are available for rapid delivery, with storage containers for specialist uses, industrial use, and small parts storage.

Our picking and storage solutions include storage bins, picking bins, archive boxes, trays and stacking storage containers – all designed to improve pick efficiencies and accuracy, and to maximise your storage space, for whatever items you’re storing. We even offer workshop storage.

Picking storage bins in particular are ideal for small parts picking through to bulk item storage, and are available in a selection of stackable, cardboard, plastic and electro-conductive designs. We have an unbeatable range of storage boxes with everything from cardboard document storage boxes to plastic Really Useful boxes. Trays are a popular storage solution for schools and offices, featuring Gratnells Trays, the UK’s most popular brand for tray storage solutions. Alternatively, if you’re looking for storage containers for bulkier items, take a look at our range of stacking containers which allow you to store items without the need for racking, providing a cost effective solution for your business.

For transport and operations, our range covers everything from eurocontainers to distribution containers, mobile containers, drums and keys and pallets – these have been specially selected to create efficiencies when it comes to warehouse and distribution operations. Many of the storage containers within this range are designed to be compatible with a range of racking systems, and even automated conveyor and storage systems, making the movement of consignments and orders easier and time efficient.

In particular, our vast range of Eurocontainers are ideal for storage, transportation and manual or automated handling operations, due to their robust, stackable design and resistance to a broad range of working temperatures. Distribution containers are another popular option, made from strong plastic and designed to dramatically improve productivity and reduce distribution costs for your business for retailers, wholesalers and other industrial applications.

All of our storage bins, boxes and other containers are stocked and ready for rapid delivery. If you’re looking for a container and shelving solution, take a look at our handy shelving kits, which offer better prices when purchased together.