Two Tier Shelving

We take care of the details for you.

We’ll handle Building Regulations so that your system conforms to all relevant safety regulations. When visiting your site, we’ll measure your space and take into account site conditions such as safety, obstructions, floor suitability and access points. Two Tier systems are designed specifically for you by including side and end extensions to fit your area perfectly. Our large stock holdings enable us to deliver your goods within 5 working days, making Rapid Two Tier shelving the quickest on the market!

Basic two tier
Basic Two Tier

Double your storage space in the same square area. Shelving is extended upwards to maximise the height of your building. The fastest Two Tier on the market-delivered in 3-5 days.

Two tier with extension
Two Tier Extension

Store heavy hand loaded items over longer shelving widths. Perfect for warehouses, DIY stores and factories. Store up to 360kg per shelf.

Two tier with side extension
Two tier

Double your storage space in the same square area. A Two Tier system with an extended width to fit wide spaces. The fastest Two Tier on the market–delivered in 3-5 days.

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We have been designing and installing Two Tiers for over 29 years and can help with everything from a single installation through to large, complex projects such as Two Tiers with adjoining Mezzanine Floors.

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Expert and friendly designers with over 150 years of experience combined.

Fast to visits, quotes and installation for hassle free ordering.

UK’s largest stock holding for fast delivery.

Designed with your business’s needs in mind

Two tier systems are the affordable alternative to mezzanine floors. Costing significantly less than mezzanines, these modular structures are the ideal solution if you only need space for storage and not office space or anything else. Our bespoke designs will help you double your storage capacity within the same square area with minimum interruption to your daily operations, as we deliver and install the quickest Two Tier on the market.

In an economy where everything is about fast product movement, increasing efficiency while decreasing costs and keeping stocks within the warehouse for as little as possible, having two tier systems designed and manufactured to suit your specific needs, whether environment related or product related, will certainly prove invaluable.

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Two tier shelving is a truly cost-effective alternative to mezzanine floors. These systems help you literally double your storage capacity making use of the headroom in your warehouse, stockroom or factory. Whether you’re dealing with narrow areas or wide spaces, we have the right two tier shelving unit for you. Narrow spaces suit two tiers with end extensions, while side extension are better suited for wider storage areas. Building Regulations approval will be required but our designers have great experience in providing bespoke CAD designs for all two tier shelving needs and can even assist with obtaining all the approvals needed.

Rapid Racking offers the fastest two tier design service on the market with delivery and installation in 3-5 days and provides expert installation services from SEIRS certified installers. Another great advantage of two tiers, apart from being a cost effective alternative to mezzanines, is that they’re easy to dismantle and relocate should your business needs or requirements change.