Euro Containers - Ventilated

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Euro containers are available in a solid or ventilated design to suit your products and operations. Our range of ventilated euro containers are manufactured from strong, food grade polypropylene plastic to ensure your items are not damaged in transit – helped also by the reinforced base and corners. The ventilated sides allow maximum airflow – choose from a solid or ventilated base based on your requirements.

These ventilated containers have been specifically designed to suit automated conveyor systems, but are also ideal for manual handling and picking operations too.

Each container holds a maximum of 30kg, and withstand temperatures between -20°C and +80°C. Ideal for factories, logistics and warehouses, our Ventilated Euro containers come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. With integral handles, optional lids, and a selection of mobile dollies available, handling your goods has never been easier with euro containers.

Whatever selection of sizes you require, Ventilated Euro containers are designed to inter-stack to form a load with standard outer dimensions and to fully fill a standard European pallet; thanks to this unique feature, Euro containers are a great solution for optimising transport costs.

If space is a premium, try our range of stackable and foldable ventilated eurocontainers, which are ideal for saving space in both storage and transit.