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Euro containers are designed with storage, transportation and manual or automated handling operations in mind. This range of solid containers are made from strong polypropylene with a reinforced base and sides for extra strength so that you can be sure your goods are transported in durable and robust containers to avoid damage.

Ideal for factories, logistics and warehouses, our Euro containers come in a range of designs. In this section, you’ll find a wide choice of solid euro containers ranging from 21 litres to 40 litres in size. We also offer an open fronted eurocontainer, which is ideal for picking operations when paired with our heavy duty Rapid 1 shelving system.

The strong polypropylene plastic is resistant to many chemicals, oils and greases and with their stackable design that is designed for automated conveyor systems, these solid containers are perfect for Manufacturing and Retail businesses. The sizes of our Euro containers are created to fit European pallet sizes in order to maximise transport costs. That means if you purchase a variety of sizes of solid containers, they will inter-stack to form a load with standard outer dimensions that will fully fill the pallet.

Take a look at our range of Premium Solid Eurocontainers, which are manufactured from food grade plastic and ideal for food-focused businesses. All out Euro containers are ready for rapid delivery, and don’t forget to get in touch should you require any further advice on these products.