Maxinest Bale Arm Stacking Crate

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Maxinest Bale Arm Stacking Crate
£ 11.10
£ 13.32 (Incl. VAT)


Stack and nest containers with swing bar handles in euro standard dimensions.
  • Capacity ranges from 15L to 44L.
  • Ventilated crates to prevent moisture build up.
  • Containers can nest when not in use to save space.
  • Ideal for both retail and warehouse use.

Product Information

Product Name Maxinest Bale Arm Stacking Crate, Capacity: 28 L, O/A height: 600 mm, O/A width: 400 mm, O/A length: 167 mm
Conditioning unit

Technical Specification

Capacity (L) 28 L
O/A length (mm) 167 mm
O/A width (mm) 400 mm
O/A height (mm) 600 mm
Effective length (mm) 110 mm
Effective width (mm) 352 mm
Effective height (mm) 552 mm
Bin colour BLUE