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In order to guarantee the authenticity and reliability of our reviews, Rapid Racking works with two partners:


BazaarVoice collects reviews of products you have ordered from us via an email sent to you after you place an order with Rapid Racking. Each review is published on our product pages after moderation, and respects BazaarVoice's authenticity policy, based on both anti-fraud technology and human analysis.


Trustpilot allows you to post a review about your experience with Rapid Racking (order, delivery, information request, etc.). These reviews, published on our website, as well as on the Trustpilot platform, must comply with Trustpilot's authenticity policy, which includes an automated anti-fraud system. At any time, a review that appears to be inauthentic can be reported for verification by our partner's teams.

Your personal data (first name, surname, email address) is collected to ensure the authenticity of your reviews, but also to improve your experience as a Rapid Racking customer. This data is kept for the display of your reviews for the duration of the product's life in our sales catalogues and for a maximum period of 7 years.

You can read Rapid Racking's privacy policy, as well as the privacy policies of our partners BazaarVoice and Trustpilot.

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All your reviews are published, whether positive or negative, without any modification, subject to compliance with the moderation rules:

  • No reference to competition should be made (e.g. comparison, inducement to buy, etc.);
  • The review must not contain any inappropriate, vulgar or defamatory images/content;
  • No communication of personal information (e.g. telephone number, names, etc.);
  • No mention of a prize or URL should be made;
  • For product reviews: mention of a problem not directly related to the product (e.g. delivery, customer service, etc.);
  • Duplicate notices and spam will not be published;
  • A review written by a minor under the age of 13 will not be published.

Any review rejected by our partner Bazaarvoice will be notified by email to its author, who will have the opportunity to modify it and resubmit it.

The reviews managed by our partner Truspilot are published immediately, and can be edited, updated or deleted at any time on the Trustpilot platform.