Wire shelving

Wire Shelving

Chrome Wire Shelving Units, for retail, shops, storerooms & offices.

Chrome shelving

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Chrome wire shelving is used in a broad range of commercial and home applications. It is often used in restaurant, food service and retail store applications due to its ability to stay clean and resist rust and mould. Chrome wire shelving is an excellent way of storing or displaying products offering both style and strength.

Chrome wire structured systems allow for increased light and air penetration and has a modern finish with adjustable shelves in a variety of sizes. Chrome wire shelving offers the flexibility and versatility to suit a wide range of environments whilst offering a cost effective storage solution to suit your needs.

The chrome finish is long lasting and maintains it's pristine and professional appearance. To keep it looking shiny, simply wipe it clean with a cloth. The hollow backs and sides of chrome wire shelving allow multiple angle viewing, but also easy access to anything you are storing. You can also purchase accessories to add to your chrome wire shelving such as additional shelves and shelf dividers.