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Cost effective pallet storage for warehouses and distribution centres.

Cost effective pallet storage for warehouses and distribution centres.

Medium Duty shelving suitable for almost any environment.

Hand loaded shelving for heavy and bulky items.

Store long and heavy loads such as pipes and timber securely.

Store sheet and long length items - popular with DIY stores.

A Rapid 2 shelving adaptation perfect for displaying or storing clothing.

Bespoke Rapid 1 shelving for garages and mechanics.

When space is limited, double your storage capacity in the same area.

Rapid 2 shelving designed to store and dispense coiled products.

Avoid rack damage and comply with regulations by using post protectors.

Affordable, light duty shelving for your garage or home.

Rapid Racking is the UK’s largest stockist of shelving and racking for businesses of all types and sizes and leading specialist of racking systems, offering next day delivery on all orders – free for orders over £99.

Whatever your environment, we provide solutions for every requirement from warehouse racking to factory storage, retail stockroom racking to garage racking – we’ve got your need covered.

Industrial racking needs to be durable and sturdy for frequent use, which is why we test all of our racking systems according to European standards. Racking systems such as Rapid 1, Long Span Racking, Pallet Racking Cantilever Racking, and specialist racking systems all offer heavy duty shelf capacities and suit anything from hand loaded items, extra-long lengths and palletised stock.

Pallet Racking is a best seller in this category, and is the most efficient solution for palletised stock that can be reconfigured to accommodate your pallet sizes and handling equipment or forklift manufacturer. As standard, we offer standard capacity bays that store up to 9 tonnes per frame, or a heavy duty system that can hold up to 12 tonnes per frame. We partner with one of Europe’s leading racking suppliers which means that we can source racking systems that will store a market leading 30 tonnes per frame – you won’t find better than that in the UK.

Retail and wholesale racking solutions may require a more versatile solution, such as mobile racking, Rapid 2 medium duty racking, or stockroom racks – typically suited for hand loaded items.

As your business grows or you need to maximise your storage space more, contact our team of expert designer who will create a storage layout that best suits your business and your space, whilst optimising your storage capacity. We offer free site visits within 48 hours so that we can discuss your needs and measure up, ready to draw up the best racking layout for you. Installation by SEIRS registered fitters is also available – call us on 01285 686869 for more details.

Alternatively, if you would like to learn more about industrial racking and what it can do for your business, read through our pallet racking guide.