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Why rent with Rapid Racking?

We understand how important having an organised warehouse is to your business, which is why Rapid Racking have introduced a wide range of rental possibilities to meet your business needs.

Whether your business is growing, moving, or needs to store stock temporarily, our new rental option is the perfect fit. Hiring shelving, storage and plant equipment is a convenient, cost-effective way to make the most of your space. Whether you require short, or long-term rental, by the week or month, we offer a competitive rate for the solution. If you need more storage solutions but are unsure of your long-term requirements, our rental will ease the pressure.

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Boxes & Crates

From £1.20 per week

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Roll cages

From £2.05 per week

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From £36.50 per week

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Post pallets

From £2.25 per week

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A cost effective solution

When purchasing shelving, cost is an important factor to consider. Customers can be put off by upfront costs and select products based on price rather than suitability, meaning your business productivity levels can become compromised. Brand new shelving can be costly, while rental allows you to select the perfect storage system for your business without committing to the price tag. This is particularly useful for new companies starting out or for smaller companies who are working to a tighter budget. If you are considering downsizing your business, the lower cost of rental products allows better control over warehouse management.

Every business aims to grow and expand and we realise what is suitable for your business now, many not be suitable in 12 months’ time. Rental allows your storage system to grow with your business or act as a short term solution when managing peaks in demand, starting out or moving.

A greener solution

It’s becoming increasingly more important for businesses to consider the environment by creating leaner, greener processes where possible. Re- using shelving is an eco-friendly solution to minimise unnecessary waste. Renting means there is less requirement on a manufacturer to build a new system to replace one that has been sold, reducing the fossil fuels used during production. While this may not feel like it has a huge impact, with growing concerns over how energy is used in today’s word, anything that puts less of a strain on the environment should be seen in a positive light.

Same great quality

Opting for rental doesn’t mean the quality of the product is compromised. All rental products are fully inspected and quality checked to ensure safety standards are met before they leave our warehouse. This means you get all the value for a fraction of the price.

Trust the experts

Rapid Racking are the leading experts in shelving and racking and our team of experts help thousands of businesses every month with various objectives and we have the experience and knowledge to provide you with the best rental solution. Offering a 30 minute quote turn around when you enquire to rapid delivery. Rapid rental is the perfect fit for your short term needs.

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