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Ensure your storage solution is safe and compliant.

Making sure your business is operating in a safe and compliant way can be a time consuming task. You want to know that your storage solution is safe for your staff to use, but you also want to make sure you’re buying a storage solution that is not only fit for purpose, but will also last the test of time.

So, is it actually possible to ensure your storage solution is safe without making ‘health and safety’ your full time job?

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The answer is yes. We’ll ensure your racking is safe for all users. Customers like you have trusted our safety and compliance expertise for over 30 years thanks to our product guarantee, industry and product expertise, proven by our numerous industry accreditations and memberships.

Let’s work out which services can best help you today.

Get your racking checked by booking a professional inspection with Rapid Racking.

Whether you’ve already spotted rack damage in your warehouse or want to book a routine rack inspection, you can be sure your space is safe and compliant with our professional inspections service. If any damage is spotted, our team of experts will quote your replacements quickly and have your storage system back to safe working order faster than any other racking supplier.

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Recommended services for 100% safety

Whether you’re ready to book, want more info on any of the above, or are looking for a different service to ensure total storage safety for your business, get in touch with us. Please give us a call on 01285 686868.

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