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As storage specialists one of the main questions we get asked is: “What is the difference between racking and shelving?”

Simply put, the key differences between racking and shelving are their structure, capacity, and purpose. So, it’s important you make sure you select the right solution for your storage needs – from industrial warehouse storage to office shelving units

We’re here to help you break down the key differences between racking and shelving. You can jump to the bottom and our Product Manager Ryan will go through it with you himself.

What is racking used for?

Rapid Racking Industrial Warehouse storage

Racking systems are used for heavy-duty storage and typically have a high weight capacity. They are best suited for warehouses and industrial settings where large and bulky items need to be stored. Racking systems are designed to support and organise pallets and other heavy machinery, machinery parts, and appliances. 

Racking bays are typically loaded and unloaded by warehouse operatives using machinery such as forklifts. Typically, this is due to the heavier load capacity, and therefore the weight of the product. Also, in larger warehouses, it’s not uncommon for racking bays to be up to 12m high, which would require machinery to retrieve products.  

What is shelving used for?

Rapid 2 Office Shelving suitable for lighter storage loads

Shelving is used for smaller items and typically has a lower weight capacity than racking systems. It’s also an adjustable application and can accommodate a variety of items, making it suitable for both domestic and commercial spaces – from home office storage to larger bays for retail units.  

Unlike racking, products and inventory are put in the shelving system and retrieved by hand as they store more lightweight objects. There is also a wider range of accessories that can be used to effectively manage storage on shelving systems – from picking bins to lidded plastic storage boxes.  

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