Whether you need warehouse shelving, garage shelving, stockroom or hygienic applications, we have the product for you.

Our ranges have a number of shelf materials to choose from, whether you need economical chipboard panels or easy to clean melamine decks and galvanized steel panels for oily and damp environments. We have a solution for any need.

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to creating an efficient storage system so the first step is to consider your requirements:

Here are some typical questions you might want to think about before making your choice.

•What are you storing on the shelves, what will be the maximum weight loading for the total shelving unit or each shelf?

•What environment do you require shelving for? e.g. stock room, shed, cold room, hygienic environment.

•Are you hand loading or using machinery (e.g pallet trucks) to help pick or replenish your stock?

•What is the size of your available space? – Consider not only the footprint but also the available height – as by choosing a higher shelving unit you can maximise your space for storage.

We are here to guide you!

Below find a few popular examples of shelving and racking we have in our range, once you have identified the correct type of shelving system we can customise the shelving and racking to fit perfectly into your allotted space.

Garage Shelving

Organising your garage doesn’t need to be a chore with Rapid Racking. We provide a wide range of Garage storage products that will tidy the clutter and make finding equipment and tools much quicker. Our top selling Garage Shelving ranges are perfect for the job – designed for storing miscellaneous garage clutter, small parts, or infrequently used items to stow away.

Long span shelving the perfect storage solution for heavy hand loaded items or bulky goods with the ability to store pallets beneath. Thanks to it’s strong design, Long Span shelving systems don’t require a bottom shelf level, which means that ground level pallets can be stored. Long Span shelving does what it says on the tin, and allows you to store heavy loads across a wide span due to the robust design and thickness of steel of its beams. This makes it perfect for storing heavy, bulky or very wide loads easily such as pipes or timber storage.

The Rapid Span shelving system has a high frame capacity which means you can incorporate lots of levels in one bay. This heavy duty long span shelving is particularly economical when building runs of bays joined together. All you require is a starter bay, and as many add on bays as you need. To make buying Rapid Span as quick and easy as possible, we have created a range of Rapid Span Shelving kits for various needs – take a look at the range available.

Wide Span shelving is our most popular Long Span Shelving range, due to its high beam capacity – you can store up to 1100kg per level! You can choose from a huge range of heights and bay widths as well as chipboard or galvanised steel shelf materials depending on your use. This is perfect for warehouses, storerooms and wholesalers. As with Rapid Span, we have created Wide Span kits to help make buying this hand loaded shelving system quick and easy. For smaller buildings, try our garage storage.

Chrome shelving allows increased light and air penetration, and is ideal for display, kitchens, restaurants and office storage, or even garage storage. Rapid Racking offers a wide range of chrome shelving units and are completely modular to add as many chrome wire shelving bays into a long run or add as many shelves as required in whatever configuration you would like.  Our chrome shelving units can be built in a matter of minutes and are incredible easy to assemble and are complete with adjustable shelves and feet.

To store small items, bin shelving is ideal as your items as this range of box storage solutions offers you cost efficient and complete kits for organising your items, whatever your need. Whether document storage kits, to Really Useful kits or archive box kits and even storage bins. Box storage systems include shelving and boxes all for one great price, making ordering is quick and easy. With rapid delivery on all orders, you can have your box storage sorted in no time at all. If you’re storing papers and files, or require a heavy duty archive solution, browse through our range of archive box storage solutions which include either Rapid 1 or Rapid 2 shelving depending on the weight of the documents you’re storing, with a double depth solution for a high density document storage solution.

Archive shelving allows users store large amounts of files and document storage boxes. Document storage is a major part of getting your working environment organised, from offices, and schools, to archives and council offices. For businesses that need to securely store files and folders. These shelves can be used to store related documents together making document management much easier and increasing workload efficiency. Our cost effective storage kits are designed to suit all types of applications, from small scale document storage within an office or repository room, to heavy duty double sided archive shelving systems that come complete with strong archive boxes for longer term storage.

Industrial shelving (heavy duty or medium duty shelving) Whether for warehouse shelving, garage storage, stockroom, or hygienic applications, industrial shelving is a  durable, strong, shelving solutions guaranteed to last and is perfect for storing bulky, heavy loads up to 400kg per shelf. Dividers can also be added to increase storage space. For first-time buyers, unsure of they need, industrial shelving is your best bet, as it is easily modified to suit most applications.

Cantilever racking is ideal for storing long, oddly shaped or bulky items that aren’t transported on pallets. Long loads can often be difficult to store, but a cantilever racking system can provide you with outstanding value for manual storage. Whether you’re trying to store pipes, long pieces of timber or plastic extrusions, Rapid Racking’s medium and heavy duty cantilever raking systems are the best solution for your warehouse needs.

Cantilever pallet racking solutions also provide you with plenty of flexibility, as they allow you to decide on the height of your shelves to best fit your needs, as well as offering an impressive range of heights and widths and even arm lengths.

Cambro shelving solutions are the perfect option for hygienic kitchen storage thanks to its antibacterial finish, and cold stores with its ability to withstand a wide range of temperatures. Cambo catering shelving is designed to meet tough food and hygiene industry standards and is guaranteed against rust and corrosion. With this hygienic shelving system, you can reduce risk of cross contamination. Its antimicrobial finish protects against mould, fungus and bacteria that are common sources of odour. Designed with steel core beams and uprights and a thick polypropylene, wipe clean exterior,

Choosing shelving doesn’t have to be a chore!

If you need help finding the right product for you, try our new shelving selectors online – here, you can build your shelving configuration in seconds from the many sizes, shelf material and colour options available.

Whatever your storage need, take a look through the UK’s largest shelving range at Rapid Racking to find the best solution for your business. If you need advice or a quote, contact our friendly team of shelving experts to discuss your requirements in more detail. We offer free site visits within 48 hours, or if you need a quote over the phone, we’ll get one over within 2 hours.

Configure your shelving bay here! https://www.rapidracking.com/en/rra/rapid-1-shelving-heavy-duty-customise-your-bay

Rapid 1 shelving
Rapid 1 Heavy Duty Shelving
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