Rapid Racking recently completed a highly successful project for Majestic Wines, an established name in the wine retail industry. Led by Matthew Whitticker, the Retail Projects Manager, and his dedicated Store Development Team, this project involved the installation of a storage solution in 10 different locations across Majestic Wines’ retail network. The team at Majestic was tasked with how to make better use of the space in their stores, particularly in their stockrooms. An assessment of the space in 200 stores was carried out and 10 key geographical areas were highlighted.

Why did Majestic choose Rapid Racking? 

The decision was based on the positive relationship with the Regional Sales Director, Steve Homer, and the Rapid Racking team over several years. The consistent delivery of a high level of service and effective communication has played a crucial role. Steve’s specialist knowledge of the product proved invaluable, as they were able to comprehend and fulfill the specific requirements of Majestic Wine. While past interactions primarily involved one-off orders, entrusting Rapid Racking with a substantial project served as a healthy test of the relationship, ultimately reinforcing the trust built over time.

The Project’s Success

Matthew Whitticker, Retail Projects Manager at Majestic Wines, is pleased with the outcome of the 10-store project undertaken by Rapid Racking. Majestic had dealt with Rapid Racking in the past, in particular, Steve who had been a good point of contact.  Matthew had every confidence in Rapid Racking delivering what was required.

All the shelving used by Majestic Wine is Longspan Shelving, the shelving comes in various widths and depths which allowed Rapid Racking to make the best use of the space available within the Majestic Wine warehouse environment.

The typical depth used by Majestic Wine is 900mm deep – the range of widths vary from 890mm to 2675mm – most Majestic warehouses use 1785mm to 2675mm width as this gives them a weight load capacity of 1000kg per shelf – this is perfect for the storage of cases of wine.

Most Longspan shelving bays within the Majestic Wine warehouses are between 2000mmH & 3000mmH and have two shelf levels per bay.

One of the standout features of this project has been communication between the two teams. Matthew Whitticker specifically commends Sam and Jenna from the Projects team for their consistent communication. Regular check-ins during the project ensured that the Majestic Wines team felt valued and well-informed throughout the entire process. Furthermore, these check-ins acted as a pre-emptive measure to address any potential issues, ensuring that they were swiftly resolved.

Addressing Concerns

Despite the overwhelmingly positive reception of the project, Matthew raised some concerns that have been thoughtfully addressed. The primary focus was on potential inconsistencies within the installation teams, given the involvement of five separate teams during the project rollout. Remarkably, despite minor variations in approach, all teams achieved identical outcomes, showcasing their commitment to excellence.

Positive outcomes from the project

Matthew explained that the newfound capability to efficiently stock the stores is a significant improvement. Previously, store teams faced challenges in managing inventory, but now, the feedback indicates that having sufficient space is immensely beneficial. It allows for better organisation, making it easier for teams to locate and display items. This additional storage space not only facilitates internal organisation but also enables support for neighbouring stores by accommodating increased stock levels.


The 10-store project completed by Rapid Racking for Majestic Wines has been a resounding success, thanks to effective communication, responsiveness, and a shared commitment to delivering outstanding results. Matthew Whitticker and his Store Development Team are delighted with the project’s outcome, and their interest in exploring additional services demonstrates the potential for further collaboration. When asked would you recommend Rapid Racking to a friend or colleague? Whitticker responded, “Yes indeed”.