Many people struggle to find the ideal storage solution for a range of outdoor appliances. Whether there isn’t enough space in your house or you’ve simply run out of storage options in your shed or garage, there is nothing more handy to organise and pack your items into than an outdoor storage box.

You can purchase weather-resistant and waterproof containers in a range of sizes, or for the craftier among us, you can build one according to your own personal taste. You can even buy or build an outdoor storage box with multiple purposes. For example, boxes designed to act as a piece of furniture in the form of a bench, attached with a lid to reveal an ideal storage space. So, if you are looking to add an outdoor storage box to your garden, you have plenty of different options.

How to build an outdoor storage box

The following steps will guide you through how to make an outdoor weather-resistant wooden storage box that is large enough to contain several supplies. Before you start, ensure that you have these materials and part sizes at the ready:

Wood products Hardware Supplies Parts/Size Guide
25mm x 101mm, 2438mm, mahogany or cedar board (16 required) 38mm x 762mm continuous hinge (1 required) 25mm x 101mm  x 1397mm lid boards (2 required)
50mm x 50mm, 914mm, mahogany or cedar baluster (4 required) 1” pocket hole screws (300 required) 25mm x 101mm x 457mm lid slats (13 required)
  Left-side folding lid support (1 required) 25mm x 101mm x 1314mm front and back boards (4 required)
  Right-side folding lid support (1 required) 25mm x 101mm x 558mm side boards (4 required)
    25mm x 101mm x 381mm front, back and sides slats (34 required)
    25mm x 101mm x 1333mm bottom supports (2 required)
    50mm x 50mm x 609mm legs (4 required)

Step 1: Cut board to the correct size

Firstly, use a saw (preferably a mitre saw) to cut the mahogany 25mm x 101mm boards and the 50mm x 50mm balusters to the correct size according to the above guide.

Step 2: Make holes in the boards

Rely on a tool like a pocket hole jig and drill two ¾ inch pocket holes in the four corners of the 25mm x 101mm boards. This does not apply to the 1397mm lid boards.

Step 3: Create the front and back of the box

Use the screws and screwdriver attached to a drill to construct the sides and storage box lid. To make the front, attach 12 of the 381mm side slats to just one 1314mm board.

Use an extra slab of 25mm x 101mm wood as a spacer to ensure that the slats are exactly ¾ inches apart. Start at the end of the 1314mm board with space and then attach the first slat. Repeat this process until all 12 slats are screwed into the board. Then repeat the process using the second 1314mm board and the remaining slats to create the back of the box.

Step 4: Construct the sides and top of the box

Follow Step 3 to assemble the sides by taking five of the 381mm and attaching them to the 558mm boards. Make the top by doing the same thing but using 13 of the 457mm slats and attaching them to the 1397mm board. However, do not begin with a gap like the front, back and sides do. Instead start the top with the slat pushed flush against the edge of the 1397mm board, followed by a space, slat and so on.

Step 5: Attach the sides to the legs

Join each of the box’s four sides to the 50mm x 50mm balusters using screws. Ensure that one end of each side is lined up level with the border of the baluster.

Step 6: Construct the rear boards

Use the screws to fix two of the 1333mm bottom supports to the rear of the box to create the surface of the box.

Step 7: Screw the hinges to the box and lid

The hinges should be fastened to the top corner of the back side using the screws specific to the hinges. Mark holes on the lid to mark out where the hinges will sit and ensure that both sets match up. Then, fix the lid to the hinges.

Step 8: Attach the lid stays

Fasten folding lid stays to the sides of the box. Attach one of the ends of this device underneath the lid and the other to the interior sides and your outdoor storage box is complete!

How to waterproof an outdoor storage box  

Ensuring that the lid of an outdoor storage box is waterproof is essential for maintenance. You can create a waterproof lining in just a few simple steps:

  • Obtain one metre of felt and cut apart with an overlap of 50mm.
  • Lay the felt on top of your box and hammer the sides down with 13mm clout nails while pulling tight.
  • Either add trim for a stylish and neat finish or simply tuck the felt under to form straight lines following the sides of your lid before hammering.

You can also create a water-resistant seal by putting ½ an inch of rubber weather stripping on the inside of the lid or the frame of the box, as well as placing waterproof plastic boxes inside the outdoor box for added protection. Perfect for containing gardening tools, sports equipment, patio accessories and other supplies, opt for an outdoor box to minimise clutter in your garden and keep organised.