Type IIR Disposable Masks. Pack of 50

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Type IIR Disposable Masks. Pack of 50
Surgical Disposable Mask. Pack of 50
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Disposable face masks suitable for medical environments.
  • These masks are compliant class 1 type IIR masks, with a bacteria filter efficiency (BFE) of 98%.
  • Surgical IIR masks limits bacterial/viral water droplets from infecting the area.
  • One of the main methods of coronavirus transmission is through water droplets travelling through the air, which can affect people within a 2-metre radius.
  • Splash resistant layer against bodily fluids.
  • Compliant with EN14683:2019 Type IIR ratings. EN 14683:2019 outlines requirements for medical face masks intended to limit the transmission of infective agents.
  • Pleat style with ear loops.
  • Each pack contains 50 masks.

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Product Name Type IIR Disposable Masks. Pack of 50, Type: 1 pack
Conditioning batch of 50 pieces

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