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Small Parts Storage

Find the perfect storage solution for even the smallest items with Rapid Racking, with our huge choice of picking bins, containers and boxes.

Take your pick from a range of multi-buy options and full units, providing small parts storage perfect for warehouses, workshops and many other work environments.

Efficient, organised storage down to the smallest part

Small parts can be difficult to keep organised. But with our selection of picking bins, shelving bays and bin cupboards, you can say goodbye to looking for lost items. We have small bay storage for absolutely everything, from paintbrushes and mechanical parts to tools, screws and nails.

You'll find small-scale solutions such as picking bins and boxes in your choice of sizes, many of which can be stacked to save space.

If you need a bigger solution for storing lots of small parts, opt for our large shelving bays. We have lockable bin cupboards perfect for keeping valuable items safe, full-height shelving units and single-sided racks with up to 100 or more picking bins.

Whatever space you have available, we can help you to organise it. Go for a full-width shelving bay, a wall-mounted solution, benchtop bin stands or half-height units - it's completely up to you.

Better still, many of our storage solutions can be customised to suit your needs. If you have an awkward space to fit a unit into, or have irregular sized bins, you can adjust these versatile, flexible units so that they work for you.

If you need help finding a solution that suits your needs, our expert design team can help. We offer free site visits, where we recommend the best storage solutions to make the most of every millimetre of space you have available. This includes small parts storage, which is just as important as shelving and racking for larger items.

Small parts storage for every environment

Here at Rapid Racking, we have small parts storage solutions for a wide range of applications. Use our shelving units and picking bins in industrial and commercial environments, including warehouses and garages, or turn them into accessible retail displays for your customers.

Our picking bins and storage boxes are also commonly used in schools and educational environments, helping to organise stationery and equipment in classrooms and stockrooms.

Wherever you have a storage space and a clutter problem with small parts, our shelving units and bins are the ideal choice. Choose the solution that suits your needs and you'll be organising and optimising your storage in no time.