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Commercial Kitchen & Catering Storage

Optimise your commercial kitchen storage space with solutions from Rapid Racking. We're the perfect choice for hotel and restaurant kitchens, as well as schools, offices and any organisation with catering facilities.

Choose from a wide range of exceptional quality storage solutions specially designed for commercial and catering environments, from modular units and ventilated shelving to containers, kegs and drums.

Kitchen shelving that works for you

Wherever the space and whatever you need to store, we have the perfect customisable solution for you. Our strong, durable shelving bays are ideal for high volume storage, safely holding bulk loads in wet or dry storage areas.

As they're specially designed for use in food and other hygienic environments, our shelving solutions offer high endurance to both hot and cold environments, as well as to a risk of rust, corrosion and cross-contamination. In some products, silver-ion technology also inhibits the growth of bacteria and mould.

There are shelving bays available in all sizes and types, from single and double bay units through to extra-tall bays and mobile shelf trolleys. Choose the dimensions that work for you, then you can build a modular system using multiple units to fit your storage space. This kind of commercial kitchen storage system is versatile and flexible, so you can change it as and when you need to.

We also stock a choice of wine racks, stainless steel workbenches and stackable containers, plus drums and kegs ideal for the storage of oils and chemicals.

To get the very most from the space you have available, contact our expert design team for a free site visit and consultation. We can design a bespoke storage solution to maximise efficiency and space, all for the smooth running of your business or catering operation.

Easy assembly and cleaning

Most of our catering storage solutions are quick and easy to assemble, with no specialist skills or tools required. What's more, you can get free next day delivery when you spend over £99 and place your order before 4pm.

Once installed, you'll find your new units very easy to clean. All are designed with hygiene in mind, with features such as easy-wipe stainless steel surfaces which leave no nooks and crannies for dirt to hide. If you need to add in more shelving, or raise or lower the heights of shelves, you can simply adjust the unit to suit you.