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Rapid 3 Shelving Three Bay Offer (1800h x 900w)

Rapid 3 Shelving Three Bay Offer (1800h x 900w)
£ 149.00 - £ 189.00
From£ 226.80 (Incl. VAT)
Sold by 1 SET
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300 mm Depth (mm)
£ 189.00 £ 149.00

300 mm Depth (mm)
£ 189.00 £ 149.00

450 mm Depth (mm)
£ 204.00 £ 169.00

450 mm Depth (mm)
£ 204.00 £ 169.00

600 mm Depth (mm)
£ 225.00 £ 189.00

600 mm Depth (mm)
£ 225.00 £ 189.00


A low cost shelving range, perfect for storing lighter loads in a domestic environment
  • Each 8mm Chipboard shelf can hold up to 265kg Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL)
  • Uprights manufactured from 1mm steel construction with a powder coated paint finish
  • Boltless assembly - all you need is a rubber mallet, available separately
  • Adjustable shelves, every 40mm
  • All shelves can be accessed from any side as no stablility bracing is required
  • Available in a range of heights, widths, depths and colours
  • Tested to TUV - commonly for domestic use or light duty storage
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Remember to order a set of joining pins to join bays


Product Information Description
Product Name Rapid 3 Shelving Three Bay Offer (1800h x 900w)
Sold by 1 SET
Technical Specification Description
Shelf material Chipboard
Height (mm) 1800 mm
Width (mm) 900 mm
Number of shelves 5
Max. load per shelf (kg) 265 kg

A low cost shelving range perfect for storing lighter loads.

This product is suitable for: Occasional use in a light duty application

Recommended use

  • File storage
  • Small parts storage
  • Light boxes
  • Domestic items
  • Bulk storage
  • Wide loads
  • Heavy cartons
  • Regular picking
  • Document storage

Colours available


Shelf widths

Shelf widths

Shelf material available


Product overview

  • Frequency of use:Star
  • Load capacity:Star
  • Size options:Star
  • Accessories:Star
  • Testing & Guarantee:Star

Range Comparison

  Currentley viewing
Light Duty
Rapid 3 range
Medium Duty
Rapid 2 range
Heavy Duty
Rapid 1 range
  Rapid 3 Rapid 2 Rapid 1
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Guarantee 5 Years 30 Years 30 Years
Weight per shelf 265kg 340kg 800kg
Available Widths 6 6 6
Suitable for      
Light Boxes
Small Part Storage
File Storage
Heavy Cartons  
Regular Picking  
Document Storage  
Bulk Storage    
Wide Loads    

Rapid 3 may be the entry level shelving range, but it's a great solution for garage shelving needs and this 4 bays offer makes it all the more attractive to residential users, as it is industrial strength garage racking at affordable prices. The units come in a blue and orange high quality paint finish, so they'll perfectly match any garage environment.

When looking for garage shelving UK suppliers and ranges, many people base their decision on price, thinking that sturdiness and durability are not as important in a residential use as in a warehouse. While that might be true, the safety of your belongings and ultimately your own depends on the quality of the garage storage shelving units, so make sure you value sturdiness and strength.

These 4 bays of Rapid 3 make great shelving units for garage, but we've got many more products in our large stock that would make as good acquisitions. If you don't even know where to start, take a look at our guide pages or call for advice.