Rapid 3 Shelving (1600h x 1200w) Blue & Grey - 4 Fibreboard Shelves

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Rapid 3 Shelving (1600h x 1200w) Blue & Grey - 4 Fibreboard Shelves
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A low cost shelving range, perfect for storing lighter loads in a domestic environment
  • Each 5mm Fibreboard shelf can hold up to 265kg Uniformly Distributed Load (UDL)
  • Uprights manufactured from 1mm steel construction with a powder coated paint finish
  • Boltless assembly - all you need is a rubber mallet, available separately
  • Adjustable shelves, every 40mm
  • All shelves can be accessed from any side as no stablility bracing is required
  • Available in a range of heights, widths, depths and colours
  • Tested to TUV - commonly for domestic use or light duty storage
  • 5 Year Guarantee
  • Our products rule
  • Remember to order a set of joining pins to join bays
Composition: - 4 blue uprights with plastic feet - 8 grey left to right beams - 8 grey front to back beams - 4 chipboard shelves - assembly instructions provided
  • yes
  • 5 years
  • To assemble
  • Epoxy
  • yes

Technical Specification

Product Information Description
Product Name Rapid 3 Shelving (1600h x 1200w) Blue & Grey, Max. load per shelf: 265 kg, Height: 1600 mm
Brand Rapid 3
Conditioning unit
Technical Specification Description
Model Entry Level Industrial Shelving
Frame type OPEN
Number of levels 4
Number of shelves 4
Frame material Steel
Shelf thickness (mm) 8 mm
Increments (mm) 40 mm
Height (mm) 1600 mm
Width (mm) 1200 mm
Depth (mm) 300 mm
Number of shelves 4
Max. load per shelf (kg) 265 kg
Finish EPOXY
Upright colour BLUE
Beam colour GREY
Shelf colour BLUE/GREY
Number of uprights 4
Shelf material HARDBOARD
Configurable YES
Customer warranty 5 YEARS
Industrial sector YES
Range Shelving BUDGET
Type of storage LIGHT-DUTY

A low cost shelving range perfect for storing lighter loads.

This product is suitable for: Occasional use in a light duty application

Recommended use

  • File storage
  • Small parts storage
  • Light boxes
  • Domestic items
  • Bulk storage
  • Wide loads
  • Heavy cartons
  • Regular picking
  • Document storage

Colours available


Shelf widths

Shelf widths

Shelf material available


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