Pallet Racking Kit - Holds 48 Pallets - Sized (H) 1000 x (W) 800 x (D) 1200

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Pallet Racking Kit - Holds 48 Pallets - Sized (H) 1000 x (W) 800 x (D) 1200
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Pallet racking system which will hold 24 pallets with dimensions of (H) 1000 x (W) 800 x (D) 1200 mm
  • Consists of starter and three extension bays (Single bays are not advisable)
  • Hard wearing powder coated Blue/Orange finish
  • Complete with 3 levels
  • Holds up to 2000kg UDL per shelf
  • Suitable for Pallets sized 1000h x 800w x 1200d
  • Holds up to 650kg UDL per pallet
  • Manufactured according to European FEM standards
  • Corner protection and decking available separately
  • Available in other sizes

Product Information

Product Name Pallet Racking Kit 4000h x11289w x1100d 3 Levels 48 Pallets
Brand Rapid pallet racking
Conditioning unit

Technical Specification

Model 650kg UDL per pallet
Number of shelves 3
Number of beams 24
Number of frames 5
Height (mm) 4000 mm
Width (mm) 11289 mm
Depth (mm) 1100 mm
Max. load per level (kg) 2000 kg
Shelving for PALLETS

For safe and cost effective storage of pallets.

This product is suitable for: Daily use in an industrial environment

Recommended use

  • Bulk storage
  • Wide loads
  • Heavy cartons
  • Pallets

Colours available


Shelf material available


Wire mesh

Steel panels

Timber deck

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