Metal shelving

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Low cost shelving that's perfect for home and garage.

Economical shelving ideal for workshops or offices.

Our most versatile shelving, suitable for almost any environment.

The strongest in the Rapid Range, for warehouses and archives.

Span ground level pallets with hand loaded shelves for picking above.

Wire shelving ideal for display, restaurants and offices.

Clean shelving for hygienic areas such kitchens and pharmacies.

Storage that's perfect for workshops and car garages.

Shelving with plastic boxes, document boxes and more…

The complete picking solution for workshops, and warehouses.

The Rapid Twin Slot Shelving Kit is an ideal floating shelving solution.

Shelving with ventilated shelves for spaces with sprinkler systems.

Smart and presentable shelving for office equipment.

Galvanised, corrosion resistant shelving for damp and oily spaces.

Galvanised, corrosion resistant shelving for damp and oily spaces.

Improve your filing system with our range of kits.

For categorising and organising documents or small parts.

Organise your storage better with our selection of labels.

Get rid of the hassle of finding a way to organise your item securely and safely with a metal shelving unit, providing you with plenty of space to hold all sorts of items you might need. We have a large range of shelving available – and our galvanised steel structure helps to protect the shelving unit from corrosion and rust. Depending on the amount of products you need to store we have a wide range of industrial shelving ideal for your business or a lower cost range perfect for your garage or home. Buy Metal shelving online today at Rapid Racking and we will deliver them free on all orders over £99.