10 ways to maximise your warehouse space

Expansion or relocation isn’t always an option when looking for more space in your factory or warehouse. For manufacturers in particular, maintaining enough space for production and space for storage can be a challenge - especially at times when demand is high. Our experts have collated their top 10 tips for making the most of the space you have, to save the cost of expanding.


Revamp Your Racking

"Maximising space" doesn’t always mean investing in new storage equipment. Cost effective solutions include improving your existing storage system by adding more shelf levels or bays onto what you have, or simply optimising your full shelf dimensions. We recommend you seek honest advice from an expert first.

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Opt For Narrow Aisle Storage

Narrow Aisle racking allows more stock locations within the same footprint, whilst allowing racking to reach greater heights. Specialist forklifts or reach trucks operate on wire guide tracks for safety.

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Optimise Your Inventory

Remove obsolete or excess products, unused equipment or machinery from your inventory, to free up space for new SKUs (Stock Keeping Units) or production areas. A WMS (Warehouse Management System) with real time data is a helpful tool to give an accurate overview of inventory.


Move Up

Mezzanine Floors save the inconvenience and cost of moving to a larger building. Perfect for creating additional space that maximises headroom and is adaptable to your needs. Useful for production and packing operations, offices or storage areas.

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Use All Available Space

Take advantage of all available space by using available headroom space above doors or reconfiguring shelving to fit corners more efficiently. To find out how to maximise all available space, visit our Design Solution Page.


Try a Multi-Tier System

Use the full height of your building for additional storage space. In a nutshell, multi-tier systems are extra high storage bays (shelving or racking) that are split with a floor level to allow easy picking and staircase for access. Effectively, you can double your storage capacity in the same area.

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Use Push Back and Drive In Racks

If you store your manufactured products on pallets, considering a high density storage system is both cost and space efficient. Ideal for a FILO operation, Push Back or Drive in Racks are worth investigating. Find out more from a Racking Expert.


Optimise space used for Pick & Replenishment

A suitable pick and replenishment system will not only improve your productivity but the space you use for this process too. Inclined shelves or rollers allow replenishment stock to move or "slide" from the back of the rack down to the pick face – eliminating the need for two separate areas. This is ideal for fast moving stock or frequently used parts, whether palletised or boxed.

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Mobile Shelving

Mobile shelving is an effective solution for maximising storage in small spaces, allowing you to increase your storage space by up to 100% - effectively you can store the same amount in half the space!

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Make the Most of Real Time Data

A WMS (Warehouse Management System) with real time data provides an accurate overview of inventory. By offering directed pick and replenishment logic, you are able to optimise your warehouse space and staff productivity.


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