Garage Workbenches

Garage Workbenches

A workbench for various garage jobs

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No-nonsense workbenches from the specialists.

Whether you need to work at home, in your garage or utility room, or you need extra capacity in your place of business, Rapid Racking can give you just what you need.

Our workbenches are handily designed to keep everything business-like and organised. Choose one with additional shelves, or accessorise with cabinets and drawers. Then all the tools and small parts you need for that job are within easy reach.

Heavy duty, or a lighter and cheaper bench, we've got it here. Get a Rapid 1 bench for tough industrial work, so your craftspeople can do the perfect job. Or save money with a different option - stainless steel perhaps, or a bench with castors that can be shifted and shared.

There's something for everyone in our range. With different sizes to choose from, you'll find the one that fits your space. And all are really easy to assemble.

Keep your garage free of clutter. You don't want to scrape your car or van, and you certainly don't want your family tripping over anything.

Set the right tone in your workplace with professional workbench that makes the job easier. The right product at the right price. And delivered to you rapidly.

We have been providing racking and associated workplace solutions countrywide for over 30 years. So trust the experts. Our reps would love to talk to you, if you need advice or just like old-fashioned customer service. No job is too small.