Smart Garage Storage: High Load Limits and Low Costs


Strategic home storage is essential for compulsive hoarders, or even borderline ones, so if you know yourself to have been gathering piles and piles of stuff over the years, but are not yet ready to join Clutters Anonymous, then what you need is the right kind of garage storage systems. You need shelves and drawers, hooks and rails, bins and boxes, all the works. You need to get organised and fast! Luckily for you, there are virtually hundreds of options when it comes to shelves and storage systems, so chances to find order within the chaos are on your side. But you have to be smart! If you own an overwhelming amount of things but you don’t want to spend your vacation budget on shelving and racking, then you need to combine heavy loads with low costs.

Choosing The Right Garage Storage Units

Buying the right type of storage, whether open shelving, rail racks or cabinetry, can save you a lot of money, not to mention provide you with the “de-clutter” effect that you need. Putting things into boxes or on shelves does not suffice when it comes to decluttering your garage, there also needs to be an order and organisation and this comes from choosing the right shelving units and storage systems.

Obviously, this choice will depend on two main factors: items to be stored and available space. This is where you need to get extra smart, because it’s not just about loads and prices anymore, but about balancing loads and prices with space planning.

  • Items to be stored: It’s pretty self-explanatory why this is an influential factor, as you cannot store a skateboard in a picking bin or nails and bolts on ceiling hooks. You have to plan ahead and only buy what you absolutely need – this is how you’ll keep the budget under control. For bulky or strangely shaped items, pulley systems or ceiling hooks are the best solution, while for small parts garage wall shelving is the answer.
  • Available space: Clearly you’re not going to go and buy all the garage storage shelves and units you can find without making absolutely sure that you have the necessary space to set them up. What you need to do is measure and measure and measure yet again, because it’s better to be safe than sorry.

When you are at the stage of choosing your shelving and cabinetry, you also need to take into account specific situations. For instance, open shelves are, in general, a better option than cabinets, on the one hand because they’re cheaper and on the other hand because you get quicker and easier access to your items, as there are no doors. However, if you’re storing something that needs protection from dust and dirt, those doors will come pretty in handy. Moreover, if you’ve got hazardous substances that you don’t want your kids to get their hands on under any circumstances, then a locked cabinet is a must. Similarly, if you’ve got paint cans to store, which are fairly heavy, and you’re looking at different tools storage units, be sure to go for free standing bays rather than wall-fixed systems, because the latter have lower weight limits.

Getting Creative with Garage Storage Shelves

As mentioned above, if you’re smart about your home storage systems, you’ll be able to store an amazing amount of stuff in a neat way and with as low costs as possible. This, however, may require a little creativity. Take shelving, for example. When you say shelving, you probably think the regular frames and beams with decking in between that rest against the length of a wall. Well, how about if you shelves were sliding levels that roll out from the walls? Narrow spaces would never again be a problem. Sliding storage really is a creative solution saving you space and offering you more convenience, as these shelving units are highly versatile and you can use them for both large and small items, depending on how you customise them.

Keep in mind though that, as long as you get the right type of tools storage units or any other type of systems, you can easily attach the tracks to the frame and mount the rollers onto the roll out shelves.

Think Horses Not Zebras

Sometimes, when people need to get organised, especially if they’re not the type that usually gets organised, they tend to overthink the process and come up with more complicated ideas and suggestions than actually needed. So, before you start your computer and begin designing AutoCAD drawings of your garage storage plan, try to keep it as simple as possible. For instance, when it comes to small parts storage most people would immediately go to cabinetry, because cabinets have drawers and drawers are closed, so there is no risk of scattering, and closed drawers can have dividers put in, which means small spaces can be created for small parts. Well, all that thinking is peaches and cream, but what about hanging jars? Tons of good foods come in jars, so you’ve probably have plenty of empty jars that you’ve never thought of putting to good use. Screw their lids into a wooden shelf and this way you use the jars, you use a shelf or several shelves that you already had in place for something else and give your nuts and bolts and all other small parts a safe storage space without spending a dime on cabinets or losing all the space that a cabinet would take.

Check Everything You Buy

As said, some of the storage systems for your garage you can improvise or make yourself, but others you’ll need to purchase. If you want a profitable bottom line, then you need to be sure you’re getting the best option, so before buying any garage wall shelving unit, pegboard or cabinet, check all relevant product features. Check weight limits first and foremost, as you don’t want to buy a free standing units for all your paint cans and other tools and equipment only to find out that the shelves won’t hold them all, check if they have any fixing instructions or if they require professional installation, as is the case with panelised systems, and check their dimensions properly, especially the depths of the shelves.

3 in 1 Solutions – or The “Double Decker” Shelves

Last but not least, if you want to store all the things you’ve ever owned into one single garage and you want it to be clean and neat and you want it not to cost you too much, then you better give multiple functions to one piece of storage. If you’ve never heard of double decker shelves, these are highly cost effective home storage systems, consisting of a front rim, a back rim and support blocks all screwed together with a top and bottom shelf. This way the top shelf can be used as a regular, open shelf, while the blocks and the bottom shelf create several interior storage shelves like tiny cubicles. What makes this a 3 in 1 solution is that you can actually screw a couple of hooks into the bottom shelf and hang cables underneath your double decker or anything else.

This type of solutions and storage ideas are in fact available for more than just wall-fixed shelves. You can do the same type of thing with shelving bays as well, putting panels on their sides and fixing picking bins, sticking a pegboard on the side of a cabinet or transforming the door of a wall-fixed storage cabinet into a workbench. Thinking about how to get the most out of every storage item you buy is what’s going to save you space and money.