The Next Step in Garage Shelving

Garage shelving

Because garages are usually that part of the house where the unwanted goes, when it comes to storage units and garage shelving systems, most people think the cheaper the better, but there are so many other matters to consider apart from price. A garage has so much potential when it comes to storage, but it can also be easily and efficiently transformed in a great workshop, where there is enough space for all your belongings, all your tools and still be able to set up a work area. So what happens when the cheapest garage shelving UK price no longer cuts it? What happens when you want more from your garage than just a couple of feeble shelves holding cluttered items? What’s the next step towards a perfectly organised garage, where every little thing has its own place and there’s also room for garage benches and workstations?

Weighing Your Options Carefully

The next step in shelving for garage is acknowledging the many options you’ve got on the market, options that go far beyond choosing the less expensive product. Depending on what you want to do with your garage, there are almost endless possibilities in terms of shelving and racking. Budget options will certainly limit your spending, but they’ll also limit your prospects, as they’ll only withstand so much and offer very little customisation.

However, if you take the next step and look beyond the products that are especially marketed as “cheap shelving perfect for your garage”, your horizons will expand greatly. Stronger garage shelving units will allow you to store heavier or bulkier loads on any one shelf, which means you’ll need fewer units for the same overall load. Not only that, but since these shelving and racking units are manufactured and designed for a greater variety of applications and environments, they are also far more versatile, which means you can actually manipulate the units as to best suit your needs.

Indeed, a custom shelving design and layout within your garage can completely turn around your available space. Firstly, a bespoke system can make the best use of your available room, maximising storage capacity whilst minimising the use of floor space. This means that. No matter how much stuff you want to store in your garage, you’ll still have enough space left to implement any other functionality to the garage that you might want. You can use the remaining space to set up a work area, in which case you might want to be looking into garage benches, some of which may come with some storage of their own, a relaxation area or even a creativity corner if anyone in your family has artistic inclinations. The bottom line is that, once you take away the limitations that a cheap garage shelving system imposes and explore other alternatives as well, you’ll discover you have so many more options in decluttering and organising your garage and actually getting something out of it.

Garage Shelving Units for the Minutiae-Minded

Rapid 3 garage shelving

If you have a keen eye for details, you’ll know right from the start that there are different types of items to be stored in a garage and therefore you need different types of shelving for garage. While regular bays might very well hold heavy boxes filled with all sorts of things, if you’re looking for small parts storage or finding the right storage location for your canoe, unfortunately regular shelves won’t cut it. You’ll find that while most garage shelving UK suppliers only provide you with standard, probably boxed, products, we offer you a greatly varied range of bays and combo deals that will help you store away everything, from small components and parts to large, heavy and bulky items.

As mentioned above, the importance of steering away from the cheapest products when it comes to garage shelving units and embracing the quality and flexibility that stronger products have to offer lies greatly in the significance of finding the right system for your needs. If you look beyond the standardised items that most garage shelving UK suppliers have to offer, you’ll find that you don’t need cabinetry, for instance, for small parts storage, as you can very well buy picking bins and attach them to your shelving, which will probably cost you less. You can even find bin shelving as a kit, as well as several other such systems, some with cardboard boxes for old documents that you need stored, really useful boxes of different sizes for toys and other such items, and even shelving with peg boards or louvre panels, where you can store your tools or join with garage benches to create a useful working area.

All things considered, a garage has great potential to become whatever it is you want it to become and there is a storage or shelving solution for every transformation you have in mind. However, the typical products that are being sold under the umbrella of shelving for garage don’t quite accommodate this great potential and don’t provide you with the flexibility and versatility you need to transform your garage into anything you want, which is why it’s important to look beyond the limits of a categorised product and consider other units and systems as well. The next step in garage shelving is adapting the units to your idea of the garage rather than adapting your garage to suppliers’ idea of what a garage shelving system looks like.