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Classroom Furniture & Storage

Create the perfect learning environment for your students with our exceptional high-quality range of classroom storage solutions and furniture.

Here at Rapid Racking, we have all you need to create a safe, clutter-free and streamlined classroom space. We have innovative solutions and space-saving products for schools, colleges, universities and other educational facilities.

Take your pick from a choice of desks, seating and other classroom furniture essentials, along with shelving, storage containers, document housing and much more. Our products have been specially designed with educational environments in mind, offering excellent value for money.

Delivering comfort, safety and organised storage in the classroom

If you're facing a mountain of clutter or your classroom isn't delivering the best experience for your students, we can help. The Rapid Racking range of classroom furniture and storage solutions can help you organise the space and spend more time on learning, rather than trying to track down missing items.

Choose from a huge selection of products, including classroom desks, chairs and whiteboards, tray storage in a range of sizes and picking bins for easy access to those smaller items such as stationery. We also have extensive document storage solutions, boxes for filing and archiving, and other essentials to keep paperwork neat, organised and manageable.

All of our classroom storage and furniture products have been rigorously tested for safety and quality, so you can be fully confident they're fit for use in the classroom, for students of all ages.

Bespoke classroom storage solutions from our expert design team

If you don't know how to make the best use of your classroom or you're running out of storage space, get in touch with the expert Rapid Racking design team. Our design service can help you to maximise classroom space and make storage headaches a thing of the past.

During a free site visit, we'll take the time to understand exactly what both teachers and their students need from the space. Together, we'll develop a bespoke solution that meets your goals and solves all of your day-to-day classroom storage needs.

We'll give you a fast, realistic quotation, and recommend the best classroom furniture and storage solutions to suit your needs and budget. As part of our stress-free service, we'll even facilitate rapid delivery and expert installation, so you can focus on what you do best. With our help, your new and improved classroom will be up and running in no time.