Box Storage – Think Outside The Box

Really useful boxes

Box storage may just be the single, most popular concept today. Leaving aside the obvious residential use that we’ve all come to know and practice, whether we store our belongings in boxes in the attic or in the garage, you can virtually see some sort of box storage or another everywhere now, from offices and schools to warehouses and factories. The truth is one can store almost anything in boxes and no matter how many developments the storage industry knows, boxes will remain a corner stone.

However, this isn’t to mean you can’t be creative or innovative when it comes to storage needs. In fact, thinking outside the box is highly advisable, no pun intended. The trick is to carefully consider your storage needs and your environment and find products and solutions that can be adapted or customised to perfectly meet your requirements. Most environments use really useful boxes and with good reason too. The brand is manufactured in the UK and has gained great reputation for the quality and strength of its boxes, as well as for their impressive variety of sizes and colours.

Most people associate plastic boxes with household storage, for items such as toys, tools and other bits and bobs around the house. But, as mentioned above, they can be used in virtually every environment, including warehouses and stockrooms. There are really useful boxes with 145 litre capacity, which can be easily used for industrial storage. The really useful boxes 84L make great handling and transportation containers, not to mention food storage solutions. The medium sizes, such as the 35 litre boxes are ideal for offices, as they can perfectly suit Foolscap files and A4 files. Although many offices use document storage or archive boxes, some applications don’t really necessitate such products. As said, it’s all a matter of personalising the storage systems available on the market as to best suit your needs.

Cardboard vs Plastic

When thinking of box storage, most people have this locked image in their head with big brown cardboard boxes, but there’s much to be said about strong polypropylene too. That’s plastic. First and foremost, plastic boxes are water resistant, while cardboard dissolves in the rain. Forget about storage in damp or mouldy environments with cardboard as your choice. The really useful boxes range is also known to withstand temperatures between -15⁰C and +80⁰C, which makes them a suitable choice for so many applications and environments. The point is that while if you work in an office, like a law firm or a real estate agency, then archive and document storage boxes may seem like the best solution for your filing and storage needs, but when you work in factory or a warehouse, your perspective changes.

Plastic is also lot stronger than cardboard and in industrial environments there may be many more forces that act on the boxes than in an office environment, not to mention the fact that daily operations alone can be more numerous. Therefore, strength is a feature of great importance for storage boxes, even if your loads are not that heavy.

Last, but not least, storage in environments such as warehouses, factories or stockrooms is all about saving space or maximising space, so stacking is essential. Whether you go for the really useful boxes range or simply plastic boxes, make sure they’ve got reinforced corners because this feature gives them added strength when stacked.

Boxes vs Bins

Thinking outside the box when it comes to storage isn’t limited to customising your options or solutions and allowing for storage you’d never have considered before, but also knowing when boxes are not the best solution anymore. Even though the really useful boxes range starts with containers as small as 0.3 litre boxes, which are great for small parts such as stationary, batteries, nuts and bolts, they are not necessarily the best way to go about small parts storage in every environment. Most warehouses and industrial environments involve picking, in which case storage bins trump really useful boxes. In fact, most plastic storage bins are actually called picking bins specifically because they’re the best answer to small parts storage and picking.

Plastic storage bins are not only stackable, as boxes are, but can also be mounted on several different storage units, such as shelving, louvre panels and even cabinets. These come very in handy, especially when it comes to industrial picking, as they can be fixed onto walls ensuring great stability where needed. Just as the really useful boxes range is, the storage bins are also greatly diverse, so you can use them in multiple applications and environments. Some bins are manufactured from anti shock polypropylene, being a wise choice for busy industrial environments where many forces act on the storage on a daily basis. Others are resistant to oils and acids or extreme temperatures, so they can be used in particular environments.

really useful boxes are great for both home and work storage and in some cases even industrial storage, but for items needed on a regular basis or for picking needs, plastic storage bins are far better. Apart from louvre panels and cabinets that can hold bins, tilt systems are also incredibly helpful. These convenient small parts storage systems make it very easy and fast for you to identify your stock and pick items, whether in a warehouse environment, workshop or retail applications. Lockable bin cupboards are ideal for storing small items safely and out of sight. A lockable cupboard filled with plastic storage bins will certainly give you plenty of space, allowing for high volumes of small parts storage.

Ingenious Uses

Both really useful boxes and plastic storage bins have typical uses, such as boxes being used for loft or garage storage, as toy boxes or Christmas decoration storage and bins being used for small parts storage like paper clips, nuts and bolts or tie plates. However, if you are thinking outside the box, then there are some ingenious uses for both ranges that you can come up with. For instance, some people have transformed the really useful boxes 84 litre range into bird cages, others have created water filtration systems, while some have used the open front boxes to create a sort of drawer system.

As mentioned above, plastic storage bins are generally used for industrial and warehouse picking and small parts storage, specifically for tools and small tool parts, but there are definitely other areas in which you could put picking bins at use. Many of these bins are available in bright, beautiful colours, so they would make a great addition to a nursery or play room, for instance, especially if you go for the tilt systems, so that one can easily take out and put back any toys or games.

Colour coded bins can be successfully used in other environments too, such as medical or pharmaceutical laboratories. Stacked or mounted on louvre panels, this kind of bins can also be wisely used for residential purposes, such as garage workshops or storage. Everyone has some sort of shelving or cabinetry in their garage, as it represents a great storage space within any household, but why not pad the side of the shelving or the top of your workstation or the inner side of the cabinets’ doors with louvre panels onto which you can mount plastic storage bins of different sizes.

Picking bin bay

Easy buying

Due to the great diversity of both really useful boxes and storage bins, buyers often have a hard time ordering. There are so many sizes to choose from, colours and styles, manufacturing materials to choose from, not to mention that you can use them as self standing units, put them on shelves, into cabinets and so on. For easy ordering and buying, you should definitely consider storage kits. These are complete solutions under the form of either shelving or some sort of storage sold together with the boxes or bins.

The great advantage of buying box storage kits or bin storage kits is that you don’t have to worry about matching the boxes or bins you buy with shelving systems or cabinetry. Not only that, but you won’t lose any space by purchasing the wrong size of containers. You can also see right there and then just how many really useful boxes you can fit on those shelves or how many plastic storage bins can be mounted on the louvre panels and what sizes they are. the bottom line is that you can get a very clear idea of what the total storage capacity and load you’ll have in the end, so you’ll know exactly what to buy. That’s a pretty cost effective process, as you won’t buy more than you need, but you’ll also not risk ending up with lots of items and nowhere to put them.

We offer a great range of really useful boxes, both as individual products and as storage kits, and you can see our entire range here. The same goes for plastic storage bins, which range from small parts picking bins to pickmaster bays that come with large bins of 50 litre capacity. You can browse through are huge variety of bins storage here and feel free to contact our team for any enquiries.