Pallet racking systems are the best when it comes to storing and handling palletised goods, but many businesses have storage areas that simply won’t allow or fit pallet racks. Warehouse shelving is the ideal solution for such cases, because it can be configured as to answer the specific requirements of your warehouse or storage area. Best suited for hand loaded items, warehouse shelving systems offer quite the flexibility when it comes to design and they can be configured as to maximise space capacity or to suit particular products, such as bulky items or weirdly shaped items.

Industrial warehouse shelving units can be bought off the shelf as well, but shelving design solutions are preferable because they come to support speed of operations by providing you with the types of racks that will minimise work effort and increase efficiency, leading to faster inbound and outbound operations. Our designers will create customised storage solutions that will meet any requirements and you’ll be able to benefit from a fast and expert installation.